Friday, October 16, 2015

What is this new Herbalife product everyone is talking about?

The new beverage is comparable to a strong shot of coffee, which will help the individual drinking it to stay alert and attentive, while it can also assist to make your metabolism faster for a bit. Check it out at

The careful blend of herbal ingredients and extracts will improve your thought processes, help you remember things quicker, and cause your brain to recover quicker from exhaustion.

Manufactured with great nutrition in mind, like all Herbalife products, the new Liftoff provides you with perfect substances that will make you feel better and healthy.

Based upon a Datamonitor Consumer study, a 2013 study by the International Food Information Council found that 47% of US consumers have given "a lot" of thought in the past year to the substances in the meals and beverages they eat, with 68% saying that they have paid particular focus to sugars and 55% to caffeine when studying ingredient labels and selecting products.

With this, there is also more and more desire for organic cures, natural foods and herbal products.

Stats reveal that there is ever more interest (and more and more sales) for products and natural remedies in the past decade, with the development likely to continue expanding.

We are excited to present this new taste to this effervescent product line because it adds variety to a supplement that numerous consumers currently love as an energy complement throughout the day.

Regardless of whether you're a physically active sportsman, gym-goer, or simply require an energy boost after lunch or whenever during the course of the day, Liftoff Pomegranate-Berry Burst is a perfect choice that will not add unwanted extra calories to your diet," stated Ibi Fleming, senior vice president and managing director for Herbalife North America.

It features basically no calories, and absolutely no glucose - a very good addition for any person who watches their weight and requires a practical refreshment that they can have with them at always.

Are you a new mummy? Here are some tips for both new moms and regular girls from 2 of Herbalife's most qualified dieticians and exercise specialists, Samantha Clayton and Susan Bowerman, on how you can stay on top of your game, every day.

At the beginning of each day, make sure you have a wholesome meal.

Busy days can mean unpredictable eating, but if you attempt to start your day right, it could put you on the appropriate track for the remainder of the day.

A smart idea is to start the day with a mix of proteins and carbs - a meal that will help you feel full and light until your next mid-day break.

A very good way to begin the day is with a Herbalife Formula 1 shake - it delivers a lot of protein, and you can add some fruit to it to make it even healthier.

Set a wellness target.

Improving your overall conditioning level can definitely affect you and the kids you adore so much, because the fitter you are the more effortlessly you will be able to keep up with them and their busy schedule.

Set a personal objective; do you want to be stronger, quicker or have more endurance, or do you simply want to improve your energy level by being active?

If you set a target and write it down, taking the action steps to attain it will be much smoother.

Get your meal prepared in advance.

When you are busy running after the children all day, you will likely  forget to make time for your own nutritious meal.

You are undoubtedly making something for the young ones, so why don't you make something for yourself as well?

When you have a nutritious lunch ready, you will most likely take that instead of consuming bad and calorie rich fast foods.

Reward yourself to an exercise device or app.

If you implemented the previous tip, and made a concrete objective for yourself, it is now time to find a way to monitor your progress.

There are countless simple appliances that will help you monitor your progress - some that will count the number of steps you take, determine the amount of calories you burn, or test your heart rate.

If you are still hesitant to break the bank, check out some free programs that will work on your smart phone. There are plenty, both for Android and iPhone.

When preparing a dish, prepare enough for 2 dishes

Anytime you're cooking, make a habit of making extra.

Whatever you are doing at present - preparing fresh fruits, cutting carrots, cabbage or whatever - make a bit extra than is required immediately. That way, the next meal will be ready much quicker and with less effort.

The same idea applies for meat as well.

Right now dinner is tuna - the next day's lunch can be a perfect tuna fish salad.

Get your friends or family involved in your quest.

You can spend great time with your close friends and have it be useful too.

Many group events can be made for everybody to enjoy - a group sport, a hike on some nearby hills or peaks.

Rewarding yourself to a special occasion is a great way to reenergize after a long week.

Short Exercise Bursts throughout the Day

Anytime you catch yourself with a few extra moments, try to make them active - doing anything is better than nothing at all.

Even if you are very occupied, sneak away for a few seconds and do some quick exercises (there are loads to choose from). Every little bit counts on your way to health and fitness.

Regularly keep a good reserve of food in the kitchen.

It's painless to work more fruits and veggies into your day if you keep your fridge filled with frozen fruits and vegetables.

These meals are always good for you, and are very easy to make and consume.

Fresh fruits can go into smoothies or on top of cereal or yoghurt, and vegetables can be tossed into omelets, soups, stews or pasta dishes.

Make planning food a household occasion.

A fantastic way for the whole household to be involved in healthy living is to shop and prepare together.

It is a great chance for the entire family to learn the importance of healthy living habits, habits that will stick well into the future and come to be part of your daily lives.

Book some M-"OM" occasion.

A little time spent by yourself can do great things for your mind and body - use it to examine your mind and thoughts.

Regularly take a breather and make some space before you set of to the bed, or when events seem to be getting the better of you.

Centering on inhaling and exhaling for a few minutes will be a great reprieve, and this is something every mom should use during the day.

Move around a bit before you go to bed - you will sleep better and wake up feeling more rejuvenated.

"Stress and a sedentary lifestyle are two health risk factors that you can make a concerned effort to remove from your life. So for Mother's Day this year give yourself the gift of wellness all year long," concluded Clayton.

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